New ideas with just a touch...

Space NEGO allows you to generate ideas from scratch using currently existing world wide problems in combination with futuristic technology as solutions.

Ideation Mode

There are two types of cards: green & red. The green cards are world problems known as the “theme card”. The red cards are futuristic technology that can solve the problem known as the “technology card”. Separate the two types of cards into two decks (facing down) and take turns drawing both. You only have 1 minute to think of how the technology in the technology card can help solve the problem in the theme card. 

For example, “How do we use mixed reality to solve excessive trash?”

Story Mode

If you want to take a break from ideating, you can use this game for a good time as well. Start by mixing the two decks together, and draw two cards. Show those cards to everyone in the game, and start telling a story based on those two cards in only 20 seconds

For example, “In a world where energy is constantly available, everyone lives in a mixed reality world.”

The next person will have to continue the story. The person who exceeds the time limit will be eliminated.