Our planet is in peril...

An AI that grants people’s wishes has grown tired of our planet and created a Naga (mythical serpent creature) that threatens to consume the entire planet. A colony of people that’s left on Earth must journey beyond the stars and find a new home!

Mission Log

In the first day, we learn about how to use AI in space missions, and brainstorm the future of AI in space. We also visit GISTDA to start ideating on what it feels like to go to space.

The second day comes, and we start planning our descent on to our new planet. But first, we must test that our spaceship is strong enough to stand the landing impact using the drop tower and the classic egg experiment. We’ve also invited our friends from Spaceth.co to help us teach orbit landings via Kerbal Space Program.

Today, we perform the actual landing by going to test the acceleration from falling from a water slide. We also learn how to find the meaning behind the data we’ve recovered.

Now that we’ve landed on the surface, it’s necessary that we explore the terrain to set up our home. But there’s a catch, we can only control the rover from a distance away while only using the camera to see. We’ve also invited professor Sikarin Yookong from The Institute of Fundamental Study to talk about black holes. 

We continue to explore the planet a second time with our rover. However, there’s an alien cat in the midst of the exploration. In the end, our team managed to pull through and complete the mission. We are greeted that evening with a musical performance that’s beyond space and time.

Finally, we conclude our mission. The minerals and alien life we found have proven that the planet is survivable and humanity is saved. To infinity and beyond!

Are you interested in going?