3D Space Food Printer

The future of consumption

In the future, no matter how far into space we are, human biology would remain quite the same; we still need to eat. But food isn’t as easy to access in space. So what if we can create food from raw nutrients and 3D print them in space. We can add any flavours, medicine, and nutrients that are all completely personalized to your needs and likings. 

This idea -now made into real prototype-  earned us awards and recognition from National Space Exploration (NSE), GISTDA, NSTDA, and Chinese Space Expiration Organization.

Pearl of Lunar

Pearl of Lunar portrays both the ancient and future ambitions of the project of the historical Silk Road. The Synchrotron light engraves an unfinished roadmap.  Low Earth Orbit atmosphere while chemical reactions assemble Nacre or Mother of Pearl 

The pearl is then sent into Low Earth Orbit for one month, where the rest of the pearl was assembled. With this we now have the know-how for growing pearls in space as well as a symbolic representation of the future roadmap of an Earth-Moon “Special Economic Zone”.