Clinostat R&D

We have been developed our in-house design the Clinostat machine so-called CS-01. This machine provides a micro-gravity testing platform through time-averaged gravitational acceleration which is used for pre-analysis and post-analysis of microgravity experiment that conducts in space. 

The CS-01 can be used in a wide range of researches such as Astrobiology, Cell biology, Life sciences, etc. There are various published scientific articles which used Clinostat machine to investigate the effect of microgravity on a particular sample.


Clinostat Mini

Learning and simulating the effect of microgravity through “Clinostat Mini”
This product is suitable for space education at the high-school level, especially for astrobiology.


A mobile DROP TOWER that allows us to demonstrate and educate the effect of microgravity at any place, anytime. We also have a training workshop for the teacher on how to conduct and plan a space education class by yourselves under our advisory. 

SpaceRobotic.arm: CanZab

Learning physic and engineering behind space robotic arm in a cost-effective way. Exploring the space robotic with STEM mission by using our CanZab


Boardgame activity for creating futuristic space innovation. Learning the future of space exploration

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