Space Zab is a spin-off company from the futuristic research cluster of Thailand (FREAK lab). Our mission is to develop advanced technology for deep space exploration and human living in space. Our flagship product is the high precision/personalized liquid printing technology in space. This machine can be used during the deep space flight to personally fabricate food that is healthy and tasty for human conditions in space. Currently, we are testing the technology on the ground and had scheduled a space launch by 2020 to test our technology in space.  

Beyond our main technology, our experience and connections allow us to launch the payload design/research service as our side product. This provides opportunities for other companies and research institutes to work with us on space missions. We also provide on-ground simulated microgravity experiment for advanced researches using in-house designed clinostat or random positioning machine.  (CS-01)

The Team

Space Zab was founded in 2017 by the talented team : engineers, scientists, professors, business developers from MIT, Nagoya University, KMUTT. Since then, the company had developed many relationships and collaborations with space organizations and companies internationally. 




In 2017, Space Zab team participated in the first National Space Exploration (NSE), Thailand. We were the finalist of this competition.
Space Zab proposed Space Probiotics to S-Booster competition organized by Cabinet Office of Japan, JAXA and GISTDA (localhost for Asian round). We were selected to be the semi-finalist of the Asian round.