Space Exploration and Science Camp & Workshop

we provide SPACE CAMP services that feature engaging and fun learning activities. With the help of our co-partners who are expertise in educational camp, the SPACE CAMP will be one of the fondest memory many students will have. A notable example of the SPACE CAMP we hosted is Space Exploration Mission and Space Food and Nutrition. The duration and the content of the camp can be tailored as needed.

Space Education Mentoring to Global

We have supported two engineering university students to join CubeSat workshop at NUS, Singapore in 2017 and Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum at Singapore in 2018. We provide a continuous mentor by constantly evaluate their performance and advise them to join the international level of space societies. We encouraged students to aim big and help to shape them to be an independent researcher with advice from our expertise in a related field. 

On-Ground Testing

We have consultants services for space research and experiment to academic institutes and laboratories

In-Space Testing

We provide consulting services for developing space scientific payload. We also have a testing service through our facility and international partners.

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